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 Brass square bar supplier and exporter in Bangalore

Are you looking for a Brass Square bar supplier and exporter in Bangalore? then you are at absolutely perfect place.


In this blog post i have written about Best Brass Square bar supplier and exporter in Bangalore. and also the industrial applications of Brass Square bars.

Brass Square Bars.

We Rajendra Industrial Suppliers aim at satisfying all types of customer requirements by supplying brass square bar in the size and shape desired by them.


Brass square bars possess excellent machining property that's why it is mainly used in fast machining process.

Applications Of Brass Square bars.

1.Brass Square bars are used in Chemical plants.

2. Construction, marine applications,

3. Transportation equipment and general fabrication.

4.Precision components and manufacturing.

5.Semiconductors and fittings.

6. Used for Gears, Pinions, Plumbingware fittings, Valves, and Screw machine products

7. It is also used in the manufacturing of musical instruments.

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