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Copper round rods suppliers - Rajendra Industrial Suppliers

If you are searching for the best premium quality copper round rods and copper round rods supplier and exporter in Bangalore then you are in the perfect place. In this blog post, I have written about copper round rods, properties and engineering applications of copper round rods , different grades available in copper round rod supplier and exporter in Bangalore.

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We at Rajendra Industrial Suppliers supplying high quality copper round rods to our valuable customers since last 2 decades, we are supplying copper round rods in diffrenet sizes, different grades as per the requirements from our customers. Copper round rods that we supply  are manufactured from high quality raw material and with advanced manufacturing technology. These copper round rods we supply that follows all the international quality standards. we are also supplying these rods at market leading prices.

Properties of our Copper round rods.

1.Copper round rod offers Excellent conductivity of heat.

2.Copper round rods offers Good corrosion resistance.

3.Copper round rod offers Good machinability.

Grades we supply.

Copper ETP grade.

Copper EC grade.

copper round rods_.png
Copper round rods applications.

Copper round rods used in the making of Pressure Vessels, Tanks and Heat Exchanger Manufacturing sectors. 

Also copper widely used in the marine industries,  Marine, Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants.


automotive industries.

Manufacturing of electrical equipment.

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