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Brass round bars suppliers.

Are you looking for a Brass round bar supplier and exporter in Bangalore? then you are at absolutely perfect place.

In this blog post i have written about brass round bar supplier and exporter in Bangalore, brass round bar price per kg, properties and general engineering application of Brass Round bars in Industry

We are one of the leading brass round bars supplier in india with having experience of more than 2 decades we supply premium quality brass round bars to our customer as per the requirements. we supply brass round bars in different sizes diameter ranging from 6mm to 150 mm. These Brass round bars are manufactured using highest quality of raw materials and theses brass bar follows the various international quality standards.

these brass bars primarily contains copper and zinc along with other minute alloying elements. these minute alloying elements helps to improve resistance again corossion as well as it helps to improve the tensile strength property of brass round bars.


brass round bar suppliers

Properties of our Brass round bars.

These brass round rods offer higher corrosion resistance even in the extreme environment.

It offers higher malleability and good workability property.

easy for brazing and soldering operation.

Grades we supply in Brass round bars.

IS 319 grade1- this is also known as free cutting brass. In Europe it's known as CW614N .

IS 319 Brass round bar used in where high speed machining is required it also used in the making of complex precision parts.

Brass round bar price per kg?

The price of brass round bar is now around Rs 520/kg to Rs 540/kg in September 2021.

brass round bars suppliers

Applications of Brass IS 319 grade round bars.

1. Brass Round rods are used in the Sugar Industry.

2. Plumbing - Faucet Seats and Plumbing Fittings.

3. Furniture Industries.

4. Industries- In the making of Automatic Screw Machine Parts, Pneumatic Fittings, Fluid Connectors, Unions, Adapters, Screw Machine Products, Gauges, and Valve Seats.

5. Ammunition.

6. Bore Hole Tubes.

7. Ornamental decoration.

8. Electrical applications.

9. Base plates.

10. Housewares.

11. Tooling material.

12.Brass round bars used in the making of defense related equipment's.

13. Brass rod is utilized in the production of screws.

14. Brass rod IS 319 grade 1 are commonly used in plumbing, rivets, nuts, bolts, fasteners .

15. Since brass IS 319 grade 1 bars are easy to machine for the making of screws, fittings, caps, aerospace parts and other precision components.

16. Brass round bar IS 319 grade 1 used in ship and boat building parts and extremely high tolerance connection hardware, telecommunication, computer, personal computer, appliance, television, LCD, radio, stereo, calculation, phone system, analog and digital parts, etc.

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