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Stainless steel flat bars suppliers and exporters.

If you are searching for the best premium quality stainless steel flat bar supplier and exporter in Bangalore then you are in the perfect place. In this blog post, I have written about Premium Quality stainless steel flats supplier and exporter in Bangalore, the Application of stainless steel flat bars in industry.

stainless steel flat bars suppliers and exporteres
stainless steel flat bars suppliers and exporters

Stainless steel flat bar suppliers.

Rajendra Industrial Suppliers is a leading supplier, exporter and stockiest of the Stainless steel rectangular bar. We supply these stainless steel flat bars in different sizes, grades .These stainless steel flat bars are mainly used in auto mobile industry and construction industry. We supply these high quality stainless flat bars at market best price.

Properties of our stainless steel bars.

  1. Corrosion Resistance: Stainless steel flat bars offer high degree of corrosion resistance.

  2. High Strength: Tensile strength of our stainless steel flat bar is high compared to the mild steel

  3. Fire Resistance: Our stainless steel flat bars offers high amount of resistance to the fire.

Applications of Stainless steel flat bars.

Stainless steel flat bars used in gratings, cable trays,.

Stainless steel flat bars are used in the manufacturing of base plates. earthing material, ship building, flanges, clamps truck trailers, tippers, railways, bus bodies, elevators and escalators, scaffolding manufacturers and several other applications stainless steel flat bars include.

  • Petrochemical Industries.

  • Oil and Gas Industries.

  • Pulp and Paper Industries.

  • Chemical Industries.

  • Instrumentation Industries.

  • Instrumentation Industries

  • Automobile Industries.

Why You Should Choose Us.

We provide what the customer needs.

We have a variety of grades and sizes in brass, copper, stainless steel and aluminum materials.

Ability to offer customized products and deliver orders according to our customer specifications.

Certifications for all the products.

We have Ready stock.

We have an in-house cutting facility.

Fast delivery.

Transparency in the dealing.

We Maintain on-time delivery schedules

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