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Aluminum Plates Suppliers- Rajendra Industrial Suppliers

If you are searching for the best premium quality aluminum plates supplier and exporter in Bangalore then you are in the perfect place. In this blog post I have written about what is aluminum plate, aluminum plate supplier and exporter in Bangalore, grades available in aluminum plates and properties and engineering applications of aluminum plates in industry.

aluminum plates suppiers-Rajendra industrial suppliers
aluminum plates suppiers - Rajendra industrial suppliers

Aluminum Plates Suppliers.

What is aluminum plate?

Aluminum plates are used in the skins of jets and spacecraft fuel tanks. It is also used for storage tanks in mechanical industries. because some aluminum alloys become tougher at extreme cold temperatures. This property is especially useful storing cryogenic materials.

Are aluminum plates strong?

Aluminum is corrosion resistant and and it is very easy to maintain. It has great strength to weight ratio when compared to other metals, and weighs in at roughly 1/3 as much as iron, steel, copper, or brass.

Aluminum plates come in 6061,6082 alloys and a few other aluminum alloys. The aluminum 6061 plate is much harder 6061 aluminum plate is harder, it is best suited for machine where high machinig is required.

Aluminum Plates are massively used in construction and structural purposes;

since aluminum offers lightweight, durable, low maintenance quality.

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Applications of aluminum plates.

1.Ductwork, cooking utensils.

2.Gasoline tanks.

3.Heat exchanger pressure vessels.

4.General sheet metal work.

We supply quality aluminum plates at market best price. We comprises in-house cutting facility so that we can supply customized aluminum plates as per the requirements of our customers aluminum plates we supply offers higher rate of resistance to corrosion , also offers high amount of strength, and optimum toughness.

Aluminum plates are also used in marine, ship building, tool and die, and construction industries, among many others. Depending on your needs, we supply aluminum plates that ranging from thickness from one to six inches. Our aluminum plates comes in different grades of alloys depending on which characteristics are the most important to you, like corrosion resistance, weldability, or machinability.

Why should you choose us?

Aluminum products that we deal with are manufactured as per the set industry standards and ensure for their dimensional accuracy and reliable performance. Furthermore, the products that we supply are manufactured in compliance with the international quality standards and ensure complete client satisfaction. Rajendra Industrial Suppliers have established a strong foothold in the industry by offering our clients top-grade Aluminum Products.

  1. We provide what the customer needs.

  2. We have a variety of grades and sizes in brass, copper, stainless steel and aluminum materials.

  3. Capability to offer customized products and deliver orders as per the requirements from our customers.

  4. Certifications for all the products.

  5. We have Ready stock.

  6. We have an in-house cutting facility.

  7. Fast delivery.

  8. Transparency in the dealing.

  9. We Maintain on-time delivery schedules.

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