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Stainless steel hexagonal rods suppliers and exporters

If you are looking for the best premium quality stainless steel hexagonal rods, stainless steel hexagonal hexagonal rods supplier and exporter in bangalore, then you are in the perfect place. In this blog post, I have written about stainless steel hexagonal rods supplier and exporter, grades available in stainless steel hexagonal bars and the industrial applications of stainless steel hexagonal bars.

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Stainless steel Hexagonal rod suppliers.

Stainless steel hexagonal rods are mainly used where high amount strength is necessary. We supply stainless steel hexagonal rods in different sizes, grades and thickness as per the requirements of our clients.


Stainless steel hexagonal rods offers higher degree of machining characteristics and is suitable for turned parts, including fasteners such as bolts and nuts. Our Stainless steel hexagonal rods offer excellent corrosion resistance, machinability and workability. Because of these excellent properties, stainless steel hexagonal rods are used in wide variety of engineering applications such as medical equipment's manufacturing industries, food industry and many more.

Features of our stainless steel hexagonal rods.
  • Corrosion resistance

  • High tensile strength

  • Robust construction

Available Grades:
SS 200 series.
SS 300 series.
SS 400 series.
Stainless steel  Hexagonal rods applications.
  • Stainless steel hexagonal rods are mainly used in the making of shafts.

  • Stainless steel hexagonal rods are mainly used in the making  bolts, wheels and gears. 

  • Stainless steel bars are mainly used in chemical equipment, aerospace parts.

  • Used in the fabrication of  tanks, marine equipment and a host of other projects.

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