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Stainless steel square bars suppliers - Rajendra Industrial suppliers.

If you are searching for the best premium quality stainless steel square bar supplier and exporter in Bangalore then you are in the perfect place. In this blog post I have written about stainless steel square bars,properties of stainless steel square bar, grades available in stainless steel square bars ,Application of stainless steel square bars.

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Stainless steel Square Bars are widely used in many industries for manufacturing work, construction work and assembly work. They are also used for general repairs of plant equipment and railings. Common applications include ornamental iron work, gates and protective barriers on windows.

We at Rajendra Industrial Suppliers supply stainless square bars in different sizes, width, thickness and also in different grades based on our customer requirement

We aslo supply square bars in brass, aluminum, copper as well as steel. Stainless steel square bars we supply that follows all kind of international standards.

Characteristics of stainless steel square bars.

Our stainless steel square bars light-weight.

Stainless square bar offers High degree of resistance again metalic corrosion.

Grades we supply in stainless square bars.

SS 200 series.

SS 300 series.

SS 400 series.

Applications of stainless steel square bars.

1. Stainless steel flat bars used in the manufacturing of defense related equipment.

These stainless steel square bars also used in Chemical Industries, Automobile Industries and Agriculture.

2.Stainless steel square bars are one of the key components of Textile Industries, Shipping, Telecommunication, Refineries, Railway Coach and more.

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